CARV Blockchain Protocol Enhances Data Security and Decentralization with Verifier Nodes

CARV launches verifier nodes to improve data security and decentralization that enhance users to manage and share their data.

CARV Blockchain Protocol Enhances Data Security and Decentralization with Verifier Nodes

Decentralization is a core promise of Web3, yet personal data remains controlled by a few companies generating vast revenues without adequately sharing profits with the data owners. This centralization also negatively impacts AI models, which need a continuous supply of high-quality data. Centralized ownership diminishes data legitimacy, affecting AI models and related businesses.

CARV, a modular data layer for gaming and AI, aims to decentralize data by empowering users to control, monetize, and share their data within a decentralized environment. To support this, CARV is launching the sale of verifier nodes, which oversee data processing and validate on-chain attestations, enhancing data security and trustworthiness. These lightweight nodes will be available to whitelisted users from June 3 and to the public from June 5, using a multi-tier pricing system on the Arbitrum network, purchasable with wETH.

Verifier nodes incorporate community validation, preventing system manipulation and improving security, which is expected to attract more quality games to the platform. Node operators will earn CARV’s native cryptocurrency for verifying data, with a quarter of the total supply reserved for nodes. Initially, nodes will verify results from data processing and AI model training layers, but their roles will expand to include verifying Carve DB and securing CARV Link.

With its Data-to-Earn campaign, CARV has advanced data monetization, enabling users to earn by sharing personal data with brands. This approach provides passive income for users and a continuous data flow for brands. Additionally, CARV developed the ERC-7231 token standard, linking Web2 and Web3 identities as NFTs for decentralized identity verification.

Recently, CARV raised $10 million in a Series A funding round co-led by Tribe Capital and IOSG Ventures. Integrated with over 40 blockchains and 700+ games and AI companies, CARV has a user base exceeding 2.5 million. The project aims to dismantle identity silos, establishing a user-owned internet with equitable value distribution.

CARV’s move to decentralize data through verifier nodes is a significant step in redefining digital ownership. By involving the community in validation and offering participation incentives, CARV enhances security and trustworthiness, fostering a more inclusive and collaborative environment. 

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