Google Integrates Ethereum Name Service Data into Search Results

Google integrates Ethereum Name Service (ENS) data, offering insights into Ether addresses. ENS simplifies transactions with human-readable addresses like yourname.eth.

Google Integrates Ethereum Name Service Data into Search Results

Google has integrated Ethereum Name Service (ENS) data into its search results. The integration, powered by data from Etherscan, provides users with detailed insights into Ethereum addresses, including Ether balance and transaction timestamps. The news first emerged when Brantly Millegan, a former member of the ENS core team, noticed the update and shared it on the X platform. 

ENS, which allows users to utilize human-readable addresses similar to domain names, simplifies sharing and interaction within the Ethereum ecosystem. For instance, instead of complex alphanumeric strings, users can now have addresses like yourname.eth, making transactions more user-friendly.

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Google's increasing involvement in crypto and blockchain technology is clear, with native support for Ethereum wallet balances introduced in May 2023. Initially limited to specific public addresses, this feature has now been expanded to include ENS domains, further enhancing user experience.

Moreover, Google Ventures' Han Hua revealed a crypto feature in October 2022 that allows tracking of Ethereum wallet balances directly in search results. This integration reflects Google's commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements in the crypto space.

In addition to these developments, Google's revised advertising policy in 2023 now includes "Cryptocurrency Coin Trusts," ensuring greater visibility for products like Bitcoin ETFs in search results. This signals Google's recognition of the growing importance of cryptocurrencies and their investment products.

In a separate but equally significant development, ENS announced a partnership with domain registrar GoDaddy on February 5. This partnership enables seamless linking of .eth names to traditional Web2 domains, eliminating previous barriers caused by high gas fees. Users now have greater control over their decentralized identities, thanks to this collaboration facilitated by new smart contracts for resolution.

Overall, Google's integration of ENS data into its search results marks a pivotal moment in the cryptocurrency landscape, making it easier than ever for users to access and interact with Ethereum addresses directly from their favorite search engine.

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