Overlai Unveils AI-Resistant Property Rights Solution for Creators

Overlai launches mobile app & Adobe plugin on Aptos blockchain, embedding invisible watermarks to secure digital property rights & protect creators.

Overlai Unveils AI-Resistant Property Rights Solution for Creators

Overlai, a platform dedicated to safeguarding digital property and intellectual property rights, has announced.the initial launch of its mobile app and Adobe plugin on the Aptos blockchain.The app and plugin utilize invisible watermarks and leverage the Aptos blockchain to secure digital property rights, regardless of where the content is hosted.

The technology functions by scanning media and embedding its metadata with an “invisible watermark,” which is then recorded on the Aptos blockchain, creating an immutable record of ownership. This ownership remains intact no matter how many times the media is compressed, captured via screenshots, or converted, ensuring constant protection across all online platforms. 

Luke Neumann, co-founder and CEO of Overlai, emphasized the company's mission to be a comprehensive solution for copyright and intellectual property protection in the digital era. He stated, “Our hope is that this platform will build a new standard for ingredient tracking, royalty payments, and provenance.Our partnership with Aptos is vital, as their expertise has enabled us to leverage blockchain technology, making it a key element in the future of online content.”

A key aspect of Overlai's mission is to protect artists and creatives from AI scraping, a process where AI programs search the internet and use media to train AI without obtaining the creators' consent. Neumann noted, “Overlai’s end-to-end decentralized infrastructure will facilitate the next phase of ethically sourced models by allowing creators to choose whether to opt-in or opt-out of AI training.”

Overlai's products are designed to deter AI scraping by issuing a “do not train” C2PA manifest, providing continuous protection to prevent AI bots from using the protected media for training or content-generation purposes. 

Avery Ching, chief technology officer at Aptos Labs, supported Neumann’s views and highlighted the significance of empowering content creators. “It's crucial to ensure creators maintain ownership of their assets and feel empowered by AI instead of hindered by it," remarked Ching.

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